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Friday, October 22, 2004

Learning English in 3 months!

There is a belief within people in Iran that just being 3 months in an English speaking country is enough to be perfect in English. This belief is right just in some cases. For example when you are single and live with non-Iranian people and you have to speak English.

As I have noticed, the wife or husband of an Iranian scholar student come abroad with this belief and a sweet dream that after a while they can get a good score in IELTS English exam and enter the university. But because they are not in a real English environment it takes a long time (at least 1 year) to get an acceptable score in IELTS. Apart from this, there are other obstacles. In Australia, high quality English classes are very expensive and are not affordable with student salary. They offer discount for some kind of visas (for example migrants) but not for temporary student visa holders. When you go there, at first they check your visa and its sub class and then tell you: sorry, you are not eligible (I, myself have heard this sentence several times).

Another obstacle is having a child under school age. Childcare fee is more than $200 per week. If you are lucky to get childcare benefit from the government it decreases to $75 per week. Every childcare has a long waiting list and it takes time to find a place and put your child there.

Overcoming these obstacles and get an acceptable result in IELTS is just the first step. Getting a scholarship from foreign universities is not an easy task and without scholarship how you can afford the high tuition fee of English speaking countries universities.

I strongly recommend people to improve English before going abroad to save time and money.


  • At 6:17 AM, Blogger saeid said…

    Languge-Learing is a common problem not only for family members but also for the main sponsored person. I'll write more in "overseas students' difficulties - part 2".

    Here, I have been reported a divorce because the husband(or wife - I am not sure) couldn't bear loneliness and living without studies or work.

    Acquiring a scholarship opportunity for your fellow is very hard and by chance and you can not rely on this opportunity. Any apply in this case should be done in the first year of your studies, otherwise the Iranian Scholarship Office rejects them.

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