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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Knowledge management and librarianship: part 4

It seems that knowledge management has extended the LIS job market to the outside of traditional libraries and information services units. Although the level of LIS professionals involvement in the KM programs may varies.
Facing with the phenomenon of information overload in companies and organizations, LIS professionals are increasingly needed to managing the huge volume of information and to providing people with the high-quality information. Indeed, information management is the heart of every KM programs.
Ajiferuke (2003), has conducted the empirical research understanding the role of information professionals in KM programs in Canada. The result of his research shows that:
Many of information professionals involved in the programs are
playing key roles, such as the design of the information architecture, development of taxonomy, or content management of the organization’s intranet. Others play lesser roles, such as providing information
for the intranet, gathering competitive intelligence, or providing research services as requested by the knowledge management team.
While these results make us happy, there are other researchs which show different results. I will write about them later.
Ajiferuke, I 2003, 'Role of information professionals in knowledge management programs: Empirical evidence from Canada', Informing Science Journal, no. 6, pp. 247-57.


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