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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

DR. Moein’s speech in London, 2

Here are some of the main points of Dr. Moein’s Speech:
According to the ISI database, Iran’s scientific production (i.e. articles published by Iranians in the ISI journals) has increased ten times during last decade (since first 5-year development paln). The most of the articles belong to Basic science, and the least to Humanities and Arts (this needs to be studied to find out why?). Iran know is among the top 31 countries which publish 98% of scientific articles and this is a great achievement. Iran is the only Islamic country among these top countries.Only three Iranin scientific journals are indexed by ISI. But recently the Ministry has paid more attention to increase the quality of the journals to have more jourals in ISI. Unfortunately some of the academics seem to be disagreed with this movement. Dr. said they are often those who don’t publish in international journals. The research identified the universities which have the least international articles and those which have the most. As to the cooperation of Iranina authors with researches of other countries, Iranian researches published the most joint articles with American scientists. Dr. Moein also compared the scientific production of Iran with Iraq’s since 1970. The chart showed that our production befor revolution was more than Iraq’s. During the 8-year war Iran’s production approached to almost zero while iraq’s was still in an acceptable level. This shows that Iraq was being supported by many countires during war but Iran had to put mobbilize all of its potency just for war. After war Iran’s scientific production started a racket-like growth but Iraq attacked Kuwait and involved in 1st Gulf war. Afer that Iraq’s scientific production (which obviously lost the support of all his former allies) decreased to almost zero point and is still at that level.


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