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Thursday, September 02, 2004


As search aficionados, we have watched recent changes in the search industry with great interest. Yahoo! launched its own search algorithm in February 2004. MSN previewed its proprietary search algorithm in July 2004, and is expected to roll it out soon. That will give Internet searchers a choice of four different major search algorithms (Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN, and Yahoo). It also made us wonder: how different are the search engines, and is one any better than the others? They created jux2 as a comparative research tool to answer these questions. Using jux2, theylearned that search engines are more different than people think, typically sharing fewer than 3.5 of their top 10 results (see the other statistical data). They also found that a comparative tool like jux2 gives users far more control over their searches and, in many cases, better search results than from any single search engine. Their hope is that the community of advanced search users finds jux2 an interesting and useful tool.


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