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Monday, September 13, 2004

DR. Moein’s speech in London, 1

On Saturday night at Kanoon Towhid in London, Dr. Mostafa Moein (former Minister of Science) delivered a speech about "Iranian scientific productions in the beginning of the 21th century". The speech was based on a bibliometric research on ISI database which is going to be published in Scientometrics. The speech was very informative and inspiring. I must say I really admired Dr. Moein’s approach to higher education and generally his understanding of the current situations. The interesting point for me as an Information professional was that the research which lies in our field was done by some non-information professionals. Dr. Moein himself is a physician and two other people who helped him in that reseaerh work in one of medical research centres in Iran. Dr. Moein was explaining Impact Factor for the audience and I was thinking that If physicians are supposed to do bibliometric researches, so we should go and treat patients, shouldn’t we? But honestly, there is no border in science as long as researches are of high quality and useful. The information that Dr. Moein presented that night could be very useful and effective for higher education planning. It was the most useful speech I’ve ever attended at Kanoon Towhid. In the next post I’ll write about the content of the speech.


  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger saeid said…

    Many famous people have been introduced to Iranian society by Kanoon-e Towhid. Maybe the next one is Reza. May I have your signature please? (I am kidding)

    Anyway, I heard from a friend (Mr. Vakili that Iranian universities are encouraging their faculty members to write in foreign journals and ‘joint articles' have much more score for their evaluation.


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