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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Master Degree in LIS, a comparision, 4

Research Orientation: formerly I wrote about the role of the LIS faculty staff in the orientation of the Master students’ researches, now let me explain it a bit more. Obviously all students are free to choose any topic for their dissertations as long as the topics deserve a research according to the academic research criteria. But students usually find it difficult and time-consuming to choose a topic to focus on. In the UK, about the middle of the academic year, the department releases a list of topics for master studetns’ dissertation. The list includes the proposed subjects by faculty members. Each topic has a title and a brief description. Any students who is interested in a topic can contact to the appropriate fculty member and make an appointment and discuss the topic in detail. This is a good way to direct the MA dissertation toward useful and needed research areas and take advantage of the great potency which exists in enormous numbar of the master dissertations. The other advantage of this method is that the facuty members would less likely have to supervise a dissertation which doesn’t fall within their research interests or expertise (particularly in Iran where this is happening frequently).


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