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Friday, August 27, 2004

The persian weblogs

Recently, I had an opportunity to review some of Persian weblogs. I found some very good weblogs by following the links. I really enjoy reading them ( from personal experiences to hot social and political issues of Iran) . They are very informative. I don't know which part of weblogs are not retrievable by search engines and are part of invisible web (Yazdan knows better). Is there any subject directory for Persian weblogs? (Persianblog has a subject directory but it is not searchable)

From the LIS perspective, there are many subjects regarding to Persian weblogs to be researched by LIS students. It would be great getting the results of such studies.


  • At 2:28 AM, Blogger saeid said…

    There are some ways to find your favorite weblogs:

    1)Following some Counter Services. For example follow the link of NedstatBasic at LISMis and in the top of the opened page click on " information and documentation" so choose Iran and you will see a long list of Iranian weblogs as well as websites (all of them use that counter) is another one

    2)General and special Weblog lists. there are many lists of websites availabe on the Web. But some of them are suitable for Iranian blogs.

    3)I think the best way is to find 2-3 related weblogs and follow their introduced links.

    As the weblogs names usually don't show their contents, so the best way is running a search in Persian (Google is suitable). Just add the word "وبلاگ" to your subjects.

  • At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Aminooo said…

    Good article


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