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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


One of the opportunities that postgraduate students in the UK universities have for working is to work as invigilator (moraghebe emtehan) during the examination period. As far as I know in all universities all exams are held by the central examination office. Lecturers prepare the questions and hand them to the exam office. Exam office plans for all exams and hires some people (often from outside of university) to work as invigilator. Postgraduate students particularly research ones who don’t have exams can work as invigilator (about 8.50£ per hour in London and 6.50£ in other cities). In every exam there is one head invigilator and some invigilators. I’ve never seen an exam in which students complain about lack of time. Most of exams are between 2-3 hours. And in most of exams students are asked to answer for example 3 questions out of 5 given questions, so they always have chance to choose the questions they want to answer. Some of the exam regulations might be interesting for student in Iran.
E.g. students are not allowed to leave the exam during the first hour of the exam nor in the last 15 minutes. Students who are less than one hour late are allowed to attend the exam. Students can have bring water, drink, chocolate or any kind of snack to the exam, student are allowed to go to the loo, provided they are escorted by one invigilator. Is short the exam office does its best to make the exam situation as comfortable as more for the students. The lectures usually don’t come to exam hall, but they are available by phone to answer any question during the exam. In most of exam the emphasis is on explanation not on memorizing the course materials.


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