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Monday, August 16, 2004

Michael Moore and librarians

This morning on the train, I was reading the book "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore (the director of 'FAHRENHEIT 9/11') that I came across his opinion about librarians in the introduction of the book. His book was written before September 11 but his publisher refused to distribute the book after the attack to New York. A librarian helped him to make the publisher distribute the book. This happened through email of the librarian to her other librarian friends. That’s an interesting story. Let me present his opinion about librarians here (please don’t misunderstand; this is to be a positive opinion):
"… Most of people think of them [librarians] as all mousy and quiet and telling everyone to "SHHHHHH!" I’m now convinced that "shush" is just the sound of the steam coming out of their ears as they sit there plotting the revolution! You better believe they’re mad. They aren’t paid shit, their hours and benefits are continually being cut, their budgets are the first to be slashed, and they spend their days repairing dilapidated forty-year-old books which fill their shelves. Of course it was a librarian who came to my aid!..."


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