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Monday, August 09, 2004

knowledge management and librarianship: part 1

Knowledge management has created new ground in the field of library and information science. It has also created new roles and responsibilities for LIS professionals. I would like to discuss the phenomenon of knowledge management-KM- from the LIS perspective and I hope you find it useful.
Knowledge management has been prominent in a range of literature from the late 1990s. A primary characteristic of knowledge management is the representation of a range of business and academic disciplines including: human resource management, information management, information technology, sociology, organizational learning and strategic planning. As a consequence there is an extensive and diffuse literature on knowledge management reflecting differing perspectives and competing claims for ownership of the area.

Reviewing the LIS literature reveals that the importance of knowledge management has been realized by many LIS professionals. An online search of LISA for titles that include "knowledge management" produced 530 records. Knowledge management has also featured as a topic at many LIS conferences. A growing number of LIS schools now offer master degrees in knowledge management. (e.g. Dominican, Emporia, Oklahama, Loughborough, London Metropolitan university) or feature the subject as a component of either masters or undergraduate degrees.


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