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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


a very useful presentation about Wiki technology and libraries, with more than 110 slides

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

White or Green papers

You might have come across documents that called white paper or green paper, such as white paper on publishing industry
White papers are usually research based documents that explain strategies or policies for a field or subject or expand and explain current and future debates concerning a field.
Green papers include rather preliminary proposals and discussions.

google blog search

i just some good news from Alireza:
Google has launched its Blog search service, becoming the first major search engine to offer full-blown blog and feed search capabilities. Google's new service is available both at and Google Blog search scans content posted to blogs and feeds in virtually real-time. Google Blog Search supports only European languages. Unfortunately, It does not support Persian Language blogs.

Monday, September 12, 2005


a website dedicated to PhD students with comics stuff, have fun

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Annual Survey

UQ is governed as a business organization and different parts including library are frequently surveyed for financial or quality service purposes. This is a survey page for this year at the UQ Library:

Friday, September 09, 2005

Version 59, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Version 59 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
is now available. This selective bibliography presents over
2,480 articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources
that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet.

The Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly
Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals, by the
same author, provides much more in-depth coverage of the
open access movement and related topics (e.g., disciplinary
archives, e-prints, institutional repositories, open access
journals, and the Open Archives Initiative) than
SEPB does.

The Open Access Webliography (with Ho) complements the OAB,
providing access to a number of Websites
related to open access topics.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Transferring large files

If you need to send a file larger than 10 megabytes obviously you can’t send it via email. This website lets you send files as big as 1 gigabyte to other people.

شرایط ورود به بازار کار کتابداری و اطلاع رسانی در استرالیا

برای ورود به بازار کار کتابداری و اطلاع رسانی در استرالیا اولین شرط لازم برای کسانی که فارغ التحصیل از کشورهایی غیر از استرالیا هستند ارسال مدارک تحصیلی به انجمن کتابداری و اطلاع رسانی استرالیا جهت ارزیابی و تایید آنهاست. هزینه ارزیابی مدارک 110 دلار استرالیاست. علاوه بر آن باید عضو انجمن نیز بشوید که مبلغ عضویت با توجه به نوع و مدت زمان عضویت متفاوت است.
سابقه کار در حرفه کتابداری و اطلاع رسانی نقش مهمی در تایید شدن مدارک تحصیلی دارد.
One Umbrella Group
موسسه کاریابی در حوزه کتابداری و اطلاع رسانی در سرتاسر استرالیاست و به کتابداران و اطلاع رسانان در یافتن شغل کمک میکند.

Friday, September 02, 2005

آزمون تافل در ايران