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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Iranian movies in Australia

Most of people get information about other countries through what they watch on T.V. So, it is not surprising that many people in Australia think that Iran is a very poor country without modern technologies even without electricity. As I have noticed, almost all of Iranian movies which has been broadcasted in Australia show poverty, misery,...among people in Iran. Although these movies are very well designed and have got so many national and international prizes, showing just the one side of the coin makes very negative image about Iran among foreign people. For example the public library close to my home has these 2 Iranian movies which as you may know are in the above category:
-The circle
-A time for drunk horses
Recently, the worst movie about Iran -prostitution behind the veil- was broadcasted through Australian TV. It was terrible and unreal. I am sure they select this kind of movies deliberately.


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger rr said…

    well, situation is the same in UK. this morning I picked up Metro newspaper and i was browsing it on the trian that i came across the picture of some prettey iranian girls (ofcourse in Islamic veiling and red headbands)who registered for suicide bombing in Israel, as if Israel is our only problem and some stupid girl are going to solve it. The only iranian movies you might be able to buy in shops like HMV is circle and alike. recently there was a irnian film festival in SOAS held by its Persian society and they showed some movies like Crimson Gold by Jafar panahi. To me the movie was just average without artistic quality and I don't know why it is valued by some critics. anyway, these are not the main problem. the problem is the bloddy government. if they had a wise polity we would have a better picture out. i think i should just shut my mouth...!!!


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