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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogging and LIS scholars

While surfing the internet I came across with two interesting blogs. One of them was from the education field and another from the communication field. The interesting aspect of these blogs is that their authors are famous professors in their field. Reading these blogs was very informative even for me from a different field. They update the students' knowledge with following developments in the field and publish their own ideas. The language they use is easy and understandable. Why LIS scholars don't have such blogs? why our proffessors don't blog? Although there are many LIS students who have created a blog, but most of them give information rather than knowledge. We need a voice from the upper level. The increasing number of LIS journals, both print and electronic, is a good chance for us. But, the fast growth of knowledge in the LIS field, requires more speed to disseminate. On the other hand, writing a formal paper takes time and there is a risk of losing some other ideas which don't fit the whole paper.I remember one of my teachers who is very update and knowledgeable. I was lucky to be his student but all the time I was thinking oh, I wish he could put his information and thoughts in books and papers to share with other LIS students. But I am sure that he never could do it through his very busy life. Now, we have a very good tool as weblog to share ideas. Obviously, LIS teachers have so many ideas to share with us. There are other advantages for blogging. Better communication, promoting LIS among other people, current awareness for LIS students, etc. So, I strongly ask LIS scholars to blog.


  • At 5:39 AM, Blogger saeid said…

    I agree with you. Internet brought a good opportunity for us to share or ideas; however, in the case of Iranian scholars, I think they have less regular access to internet rather than us - the over sea students.

    I am sure, when we go back to Iran , we will be frustrated to continue this service propoerly. Hamid is coming back from Iran very soon. I bet he'll agree with me.

  • At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    به نظر من وبلاگها در ايران هم اگر سياسي يا غيراخلاقي نباشند مي‌توانند فعاليت كنند.مورد مهم ديگر تندروي بعضي از بلاگرهاست.اگر به عنوان يك واقع گرا به موضوع نگاه كنيم و وضعيت جامعه ايران را در نظر داشته باشيم كافي است كمي تندروي‌ها كمتر شود تا فرهنگ جامعه سنتي ايران پديده جديد را درك كند آن وقت مي‌توانيم اميد داشته باشيم كه ما هم جامعه‌اي آزادتر داشته باشيم
    I Hope.


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