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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Iranian web sites

Imagine that you are desperately looking for some information and the only resource that you think you have access and can find information in is web site, and then instead of some useful information you find some unuseful information or even worse you find some funny stuff. Last week for a reason I needed some information about some Iranian companies, and I though I might be able to find them on internet on their web sites. I checked web sites of some ministries and some of the biggest Iranian companies and I was almost disappointed. I found many problems. Some of them have problem with being downloaded, some of them are not compatible with different browsers, some webmasters and web site designers are unfortunately very keen on using flash files and animations. Besides all of these technical problems I just realised that in Iran companies and governmental organizations consider having a website as a kind of luxury not a necessity. Therefore you cannot find up-to-date useful information. I hope some master students in computer science and LIS do some research on this topic and write some papers in newspapers to attract attention of the people in charge to this issue.


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