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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Google Scholar Again

I just did a search in Google Scholar and I found that it could be very useful. By checking the results of my search I found out by chance that I have full-text access to some materials that I thought I didn’t. For example I just realised that I have full-text access to JASIST back to 1986 while I always used to think that my access is limited to issues after 2001.

Also I found out that Google Scholar will break some boundaries that inhibit interdisciplinary use of scholarly articles. For example we librarians and information scientists usually search LISA or ISA for our research purposes and think that they suffice us. But if you do your search in Google Scholar as well, you might found (as I did) some very useful and pertinent materials in the other areas like computer science or in some general resources Like the Science Magazine that we usually never check. I feel that Google Scholar works like a Federated Search Engine!


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