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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


One of the supports that CILIP provides for its members is publication of Library and Information Gazette which is a biweekly periodical containing job vacancies information as well as CILIP news and some other useful information. Its job advertisements section is very selective and informative. Unfortunately the LIS job market in Iran is monopolized by the government and national LIS society cannot play a major role in the market because of its very nature. I mention some library job salaries here, then you can get a picture of the status of the librarians in the job market: (salary is per year)
system librarian: 24000-30000£
assistant librarian: 19000-29000£
library service manager: 30000£
cataloguer: 18000-20000£
these are just some examle and the salary can differe accroding to the employer and also employees' qualifications and skills.


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