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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Divorce your PC

PhD students in most fields have usually a desk and PC connected to the Internet and I’ve seen that they spend most of their working time at their desk. Young generation especially rely too much on the Internet. Sometimes they think that they can find almost everything they need for their studies through the Internet. But this is not the case. If you are a PhD student and have these facilities, think about your working style. Aren’t you addicted to and relied on the Internet? If yes, and if you want to make a good progress in your research, give up sitting behind your computer and at least for two weeks think that you don’t have computer and Internet. Go to the library of your university and discover it. Yes, discover it. Spend your time in the library for a while and see the result. One of disadvantages of too much reliance on the Internet is that the information of e.g. 50 years ago doesn’t exist for new generation of researchers. They think electronic resources and search engines and online databases suffice them. Lancaster in the preface on the 3rd edition of his book “Indexing and Abstracting” has written about this and said that we are facing the phenomenon of “rediscovering the wheel” in some subfields of LIS.


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