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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Aussie's Election

Last Saturday, Australians vote for their Prime Minister and Federal Parliament seats. Irrespective of excellent lessons for us in cases such as campaigning rules among different parties and fair election, fast circle of information is notable too.

One month ago, I received a formal letter from the Election Bureau of Queensland Government indicating that because I am a resident of West End suburb, I should vote in this electoral node etc. Of course, I had to reply them immediately that as an international student I am not eligible for voting.

The Federal Government has a comprehensive database containing details of all Australian people and they use this data for many purposes. In voting places, they have printed list of all voting-eligible people of that electoral. So, when you go to vote, they ask your ID card and mark your name in their printed list and give you election forms. That is it! They have other online lists. Therefore, if you’re in another suburb or city in that particular day, they find your information easily and you can vote. It is impossible to abuse e.g. to vote several times.

The first T.V program about the election started just at 6 o’clock when the election was finished without any postpone. Primary results were issued within 30 minutes and final detailed results were determined at 9 o’clock - that is only after 3 hours!

After several days, I have not heard yet any complain from anybody about the election correctness and all people and parties have trusted the vote-counting method. This is a good example of information control.

By the way, voting in Australia is a duty not a choice. Don’t go to vote and you’ll get a bill – punished financially!


  • At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you saeid. Very good topic. but i wish Howard was not winner of election. He is Bush's friend.

  • At 6:52 AM, Blogger saeid said…

    yes, I think many Aussies became disappointed with the result.


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