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This weblog in the field of Library and Information Science contains news, comments and everything that its bloggers think could be useful for LIS professionals and students. It is maintianed by a number of students mainly Research students and Iranian. Our email is lismisblog at Yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Welcome to LISMis weblog

LISMis (The Weblog of Library and Information Science Miscellaneous) has been designed by some Iranian research students in the fields of Information-related Studies to gather and share the ideas and experiences of Iranian well-educated librarians and information specialists. LISMis is not a mere scientific attempt. Indeed, it is a basis to keep relationship between the students and educated members of Iranian LIS family. Whether in Iran or overseas the writers are, LISMis will reflect their experiences as researchers, librarians or managers. There is no limitation on the topics of the entries and that's why the mischellaneous has been added to the title. The weblog tries to share interesting and useful experiences and findings of its bloggers. Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated. The email of the Weblog is lismisblog at yahoo dot com.

LISMis Blogger team 7


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