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Monday, August 23, 2004

UQ Library – 2 – The Cybrary

As I already mentioned, the University of Queensland holds a high quality library. The UQ Library is so-called the Cybrary to refer to its numerous computer-based facilities. Here I just list several instances of those activities:

- Online catalogues
- Online Bibliographic and full-text databases and portals
- Subject gateways
- UQ and Australian Research e-publication archive
- e-journals, e-books, e-prints and virtual references
- Exams and lecture papers
- User profiles and Current Awareness facilities
- Information Skills facilities
- AskIT, an online service for assisting students in the case of IT and Internet
- Ask A Cybrerian, an online access through e-mail, forums and live chat to librarians who are well-educated and experienced in different LIS and IT aspects ( Cybrerians )
- Automatic machine-based borrowing, renewing and returning system available through the Web
- Borrowing laptops and educational facilities for students
- e-Zones, or main public IT facilities of the campus with additional facilities e.g. scanners and Printers

The library doesn’t have any separate membership system and all staff and students are automatically joined to the UQ Library. Student I.D. cards are issued in the library and are the only cards usable all-around the campus.

For finding more information about the UQ Library visit its website:


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