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Monday, August 09, 2004

UQ Library-1

What do you expect a university library to do? Should it offer a huge number of books or develop the journal archives according to the research and educational outlines of the university? Providing facilities for easy access to online databases and good reference services are other features every university library is expected to offer. These services with the best quality of performance are just some parts of the numerous activities and services of the Library of the University of Queensland -UQ Library.
Physically, with 15 branch building, UQ Library branches are the main parts of all educational spaces at the university campus. UQ library contains 2,100,000 printed materials - 1,300,000 books and 800,000 journal copies. The library has the biggest archive of films in Australia and students can watch freely thousands of movies at the audio-visual desks. The library is involved to the university education system through a comprehensive network and new textbooks, journals and resources are provided automatically based on the last educational outlines. I’ll describe the vast electronic services offered by the UQ Library in separate entries. Meanwhile, I would like to mention that the UQ Library is the main provider and director of IT services in the University of Queensland. Relation between the university and its students is available basically through the UQ network and every student has a profile for whatever he or she needs as a student. The UQ Library is the best place that students can access PC terminals for their needs. Hundreds of quality computers in the library e-Zones provide the best opportunity for students to check their internal profiles, choose their subjects, follow their lectures, use word processors, check their e-mails and browse the Web for free.
UQ Library is a good example of active university libraries and students can not find somewhere at the campus as flexible and comfortable as the there. The University of Queensland has reached excellent ranks in recent years and part of this success is for its library.


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