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Thursday, August 05, 2004


Have you ever thought about the paradox between our current studies and what we will deal with in Iran after our study is finished? Every one of us in different countries and different schools has focused on a very specific area of information related issues. We are expected to find a problem for our research that is completely up-to-date and tangent with the latest research projects running in the world. This is fantastic. For example two years ago, when I was preparing a research proposal, I found some reports about the current projects for unifying all Search Engines on the Web. They were basis for my research proposal. It is interesting that at the moment the global idea in this case has been completely reversed and I am expected to work on something completely in contrast with what I intended before. I want to say that our projects and then our studies are totally up-to-date and synchronous with the Developed World.

But what will be our job and our issues when we go back? How much our studies are useful for our educational job in Iran. Do you think we will be able to have influence on the information system (as a general word) of our country? I want to say there is a big gap between what we learn and what we'll teach or do. Hopefully we don't fall in obsolescence.


  • At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The point is that in Iranian education system, lecturers are being forced to become teaching machines. It is not market based and unfortunately demand for higher education is unreasonably much higher than supply. There is not enough links between academia and professions. What can help in this kind of horrible situations is trying to be more cooperative. If LIS departments were more cooperative, it would be possible for faculty members to spend more time for their expertise and everybody would have a chance to be specialist. H.

  • At 11:57 PM, Blogger saeid said…

    I agree with you. Howevever I'll write about the major difference between the number of faculty members in Iranian departments and other countries' . Our system should attract more and more staff.


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